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 Night Beat

3 MP3 CDs - 88 episodes

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Frank Lovejoy
Detective Series (Early 1950s)

Frank Lovejoy and cast of Nightbeat Radio ShowFrank Lovejoy stars as Randy Stone, a toughened, street-wise Chicago Star reporter working the Nightbeat in the early 1950s.

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Sometimes the capers are cops and robbers. Or just normal people in trouble. Sometimes they deserve it. Sometimes fate twists their arm. Sometimes they're just too scared or confused to know the difference.

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Frank Lovejoy
Frank Lovejoy
Randy Stone's heart is in the right place, and sometimes he can make a difference. Sometimes it's just too late. And too bad. But he tells the story. That's life on the Nightbeat. As he finishes setting it down in words, Randy yells out, "Copy boy!" and the story rolls to print, and the newspaper hits the street as the sun come up.

Orchestra and sound effects are excellent. Frank Lovejoy is a seasoned pro of radio and film with an honest, gripping delivery. Solid supporting casts maintain the intensity of the noir theme. Good writing and direction keep the show moving, allowing the listener to witness another story from the Nightbeat.

See also: Hardboiled Detectives. For more newspaper-crime reporting, see also: Big Town, Big Story, Casey Crime Photographer, Europe Confidential, Front Page Farrell, Night Beat, and Shorty Bell Cub Reporter.

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Volume 1: 37 shows - total playtime 17 hours 23 minutes

Night Beat 490519 00 Ted Carter Murder Case Audition
Night Beat 500113 00 Elevator Caper Audition
Night Beat 500206 001 Zero
Night Beat 500213 002 Night Is Weapon
Night Beat 500220 003 World All Of His Own
Night Beat 500227 004 Girl In Park
Night Beat 500306 005 Number 13
Night Beat 500313 006 Am I My Brothers Keeper
Night Beat 500320 007 Man Who Claimed To Be Dead
Night Beat 500327 008 Flowers On Water
Night Beat 500409 00x Night Is Weapon Special Rebroadcast
Night Beat 500410 010 I Know Your Secret
Night Beat 500416 00x World Of His Own
Night Beat 500417 011 Tong War
Night Beat 500423 Girl In Park Special Rebroadcast
Night Beat 500430 Am I My Brothers Keeper Special Rebrdcst
Night Beat 500501 013 Mentallo, Mental Marvel
Night Beat 500508 014 Elevator Caper
Night Beat 500515 015 Night Watchman
Night Beat 500522 016 I Wish You Were Dead
Night Beat 500529 017 Harlan Matthews, Stamp Dealer
Night Beat 500605 018 Girl From Kansas
Night Beat 500612 019 Football Player And Syndicate
Night Beat 500619 020 Vincent And Painter
Night Beat 500626 021 Juvenile Gangster
Night Beat 500703 022 Marty
Night Beat 500710 023 Twill Be Death Of Me
Night Beat 500717 024 Molly Keller
Night Beat 500724 025 Devils Bible
Night Beat 500731 026 City At Your Fingertips
Night Beat 500807 027 Old Blind Pop
Night Beat 500814 028 Gunners Last Fight
Night Beat 500821 029 Doctors Secret
Night Beat 500904 031 Old Home Week
Night Beat 500911 032 Hunter Becomes Hunted
Night Beat 500918 033 Wanna Buy Story
Night Beat 500925 034 Case Of Butter

Volume 2: 40 shows - total playtime 19 hours 19 minutes

Night Beat 501006 035 Kenny Day Amnesia Case
Night Beat 501013 036 Elinar Pierce And Family
Night Beat 501020 037 Judge Arnolds Daughter
Night Beat 501027 038 Doctors Daughter
Night Beat 501103 039 Black Cat
Night Beat 501110 040 Slasher
Night Beat 510304 041 Big John Mcmasters
Night Beat 510518 042 Juke Box Romance
Night Beat 510525 043 Fear
Night Beat 510601 044 Will Of Mrs Orloff
Night Beat 510608 045 Search For Fred
Night Beat 510615 046 Otto, Music Man Aka Old Baldy
Night Beat 510622 047 Sanctuary
Night Beat 510629 048 Byline For Frank
Night Beat 510706 049 Bill Perrin Amnesia Case
Night Beat 510713 050 Antonios Return
Night Beat 510817 055 They
Night Beat 511026 065 Mr And Mrs Carothers
Night Beat 511116 068 Lost Souls
Night Beat 511221 073 Five Days Off For Christmas
Night Beat 511228 074 Expectant Father
Night Beat 520501 092 Pay Up Or Die
Night Beat 520508 093 Long Live Clown
Night Beat 520515 094 Death Of Riley
Night Beat 520522 095 Target For Week
Night Beat 520529 096 Jockey Brothers
Night Beat 520605 097 Marvelous Machine
Night Beat 520619 098 Railroaded
Night Beat 520626 099 Reformer
Night Beat 520703 100 Old Itch
Night Beat 520717 102 Taste Of Peaches
Night Beat 520731 104 Flight From Fear
Night Beat 520807 105 Sombody Stop Ann
Night Beat 520814 106 His Name Was Luke
Night Beat 520821 107 Man With Red Hair
Night Beat 520904 109 Ellen
Night Beat 520911 110 Larry Understudy
Night Beat 520918 111 Policy Wheel Racket
Night Beat 520925 112 Bug Killings
Night Beat Gusher James

Volume 3: South African: 11 shows - total playtime 4 hours 37 minutes

Night Beat SA Bill Talmidge Story
Night Beat SA Carefullest Driver
Night Beat SA Cats to Kill
Night Beat SA Diving for a Purse
Night Beat SA Hollywood Marriages
Night Beat SA In the Blood
Night Beat SA Mr President
Night Beat SA Stone's Christmas Eve
Night Beat SA Tony's Daughter
Night Beat SA White Zombie
Night Beat SA With a Bang or a Whimper



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